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Vegetable to use for to avoid Fall Allergy Updated:10/3/18
Broccoli ( It's high in allergy-relieving vitamin C and it's a member of the crucifer family, plants that have been shown to clear out blocked-up sinuses.  ),  Onion,  Garlic,  Pumpkin (Like broccoli and leafy gree
    Updated: 10/3/18
Water Therapy Updated:12/24/15 What is Water Therapy? Drinking 1.5 liters of water daily first thing in the morning is water therapy.  Diseases healed by Water Therapy: These are some of the benefits-( most of these diseases are healed not with wate
    Updated: 12/24/15
Maintaining slim Waist Updated:2/14/12 Hi Guys. I once read in a magazine about how these Celebrities maintain their thin waist . Here is one tip. Once in a week , take any spinach boil them in water ,strain the water from it . U can either use the spinach or leave it. Add some s
    Updated: 2/14/12
Remedy for any kind of Stomach Upsets! Updated:2/13/12 Mix one tablespoon ginger juice and one tablespoon of lemon juice and add a pinch of salt to it.If you are having any kind of abdominal upsets this is the best and easy remedy.....Try it..!!!
    Updated: 2/13/12
Cold, Sinus, Difficulty in breathing - Remedy !! Updated:2/13/12 Last week me and my husband were suffering from cold, sinus, difficulty in breathing, fever etc We tried this remedy for 2 days and were good to go!!! 1. Ajwain (Carom Seeds)- I roasted some ajwain seeds on a tawa (on a low/medium flame) u
    Updated: 2/13/12
Oil Pulling cures for Ulcers,Headaches(sinus) Updated:2/8/12 Process : Take oil, preferable sunflower or sesame and put approximately 1 tablespoon in your mouth, gargle the oil in your mouth for 20 minutes. The oil will become like a foamy whitish liquid. Then you spit, rinse your mouth then brush y
    Updated: 2/8/12
Reverse Balding of Hair Updated:2/8/12 Did you realize that Garlic and the humble onion may be used topically as a natural baldness and hair loss treatment? 1.Garlic:- 60 minutes before you go to sleep, crush up a garlic clove and then rub the clove into the area of hair loss. I
    Updated: 2/8/12
To gain weight Updated:1/18/12 Soak 2 dates in lukewarm milk for about 30 minutes and have both the milk along with the dates, before going to bed. Do this daily and for sure you will gain weight within 4 to 5 weeks time. This is a very good tip who are really thin and longi
    Updated: 1/18/12
carrot juice for everyone - beauty & health ;-) Updated:1/13/12 Drink a glass of carrot juice every morning. It helps in improving skin tone,proper digestion and most important -consistency in eye vision (for people whose sight number is increasing regularly).Good for all ages .
    Updated: 1/13/12
Solution for tooth ache &yellow teeth( Health Tip) Updated:1/10/12 Take a pinch of salt and pinch of baking soda. Mix them nicely and use it as tooth powder daily. In 15 days you will find amazing results.
    Updated: 1/10/12