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SunTV on DirecTV

Dear Tamil enthusiasts,
I recently switched from Dish Network to DirecTV since the HD 
package on DirecTV was $10 cheaper than on Dish network. 
Unfortunately. as part of the DirecTV package I was stuck with 
getting Vijay TV with no option to get SunTV. I used to watch 
SunTV on Dish Net and loved that channel. Now watching Vijay TV 
is like watching paint dry, its too boring.
I called DirecTV to check if there was any way I could get SunTV 
on DirecTV. I was told the only way that could happen is if they 
get enough requests from DirecTV subscribers to get SunTV. I 
went ahead and put in my request. 
I am writing this mail to request everyone who has DirecTV and 
who would like to watch SunTV to please take some time and call 
DirecTV and request SunTV. If there are a large number of 
requests we may have the opportunity to watch SunTV on DirecTV 
and not have to put up with watching grass grow.
You can call DirecTV at 1-800-494-4388 and talk to a customer 
service rep.
Please don't delay, even if you don't watch Tamil channels 
please do this for your fellow Indian friends who do.