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America's BEST Indian DJ Entertainers

Indian DJ Entertainment for Indian Celebrations
Indian Weddings, Engagement, Graduation, Corporate
Based in GA, FL, PA & CA
Atlanta Worldwide IA   [Map]   [Directions]
(770) 803-9661
12 - 12 Daily
Balvinder Singh - DJ BAllY
(770) 803-9661 (day & evenings)
(678) 778-0062 (mobile)
E-mail -

Based in Atlanta, Fort Lauderdale, Philadelphia & San Fransisco, but available WORLDWIDE!

Personalized attention, extensive knowledge and a desire to
create the BEST celebration event EVER, makes us the perfect choice for clients that want to a celebration all thier friends and family will talk about for years! 

We are America's BEST Indian DJs, from America's Oldest Indian DJ entertainment company!

Music selection is customized to your needs, your guest's requests and our ability to read the crowd and maximize guests on the dance floor.

As MC's we know what, when and how to say anything that is required. Our MCs take control of the room, which brings organization and elegance to the event.

We are only a phone call away, and we would love to talk with you in detail about your celebration plans!